the aching void

Questioner: “You are very depressing. I seek inspiration to carry on. You do not cheer us with words of courage and hope. Is it wrong to seek inspiration?”

Krishnamurthi’s reply

“Why do you want to be inspired? Is it not because in yourself you are empty, uncreative, lonely? You want to fill this loneliness, this aching void, you must have tried different ways of filling it and you hope to escape from it again by coming here. This process of covering up the arid of loneliness is called inspiration. Inspiration then becomes a mere stimulation and with all stimulation it soon brings its own boredom and insensitivity… Besides who can give you cheer, courage and hope? If we rely on another, however great and noble, we are utterly lost, for dependence breeds possessiveness in which there is endless struggle and pain. Cheer and happiness are not ends in themselves; they are as courage and hope, incidents in the search for something that is an end in itself. It is this end that must be sought after patiently and diligently, and only through its discovery will our turmoil and pain cease. The journey towards its discovery lies through oneself; every other journey is a distraction leading to illusion and ignorance. The journey within oneself must be undertaken not for a result, not to solve conflict and sorrow; for the search itself is devotion, inspiration. Then the journey itself is a revealing process, an experience that is constantly liberating and creative. Have you not noticed that inspiration comes when you are not seeking it? It comes when all experience has ceased, when the mind-heart is still. What is sought after is self-created and so is not the Real.”

– Mary Lutyens, J. Krishnamurthi: A Life (pg:368-369)

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