“When I understand myself, then there is quietness, then there is stillness of the mind. In that stillness, reality can come to me. That stillness is not stagnation, is not a denial of action. On the contrary it is the highest form of action. In that stillness there is creation- not the mere expression of a particular creative activity, but the feeling of creation itself.”

–  J. Krishnamurhi

There is inner turmoil and the loss of words. It is basic form of human. The baby comes out of womb and it cries. It implies life has suffering and it is difficult. The adult experiences the same pain and suffering in his life situations. The suffering that can paralyze him inherent in the nature of reality. He may avoid it constantly and inevitable had to face it in unexpected hours. Or he faces it and inwardly asks “what do i if there is suffering?” He experiences and then only it goes way and he sees that he has immense desire and vigor in me to live, to grow and to expand. This is understanding of oneself. Unless one does not understand oneself, one cannot have reach for truth or have right relationship with another. It is in understanding oneself that one experiences the stillness in mind like waves of ocean at shore.

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