Home is inward

She asked him “Where do you see yourself in a decade?” He replied “it does not matter where I am outwardly. I can be in New York, Moradabad, London, Germany or Delhi. It does not matter. It matters how and where I am inwardly”

He can be living a life of monk, in his meditation and solitude. He could be successful writer with fame and money. He can be anonymous, forgotten by world, only known to himself. He can live all his life like this and there will be no regret. He will move in lives thereafter in similar fashion.Death is not the end, it is beginning of something beautiful. It is hope. It is truth.

Both sings together.

“तू किसी रेल सी गुजरती हैं

मैं किसी पुल सा थर थराता हूँ”

(her presence is overwhelming and nerve wracking to him)

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