Self effort and Destiny

Can through self-effort and actions, I can write or change my destiny?

Self effort is speed of motor boat in still water. Destiny is the movement of water.The downstream movement and upstream. The speed of motor boat is independent of water stream. But in upstream, the speed of motor boat decreases and in downstream, the speed increases.

What can be destiny?

The destiny can be desired. For different people, it will mean different. Through following such different desired destinies, one may be at present destiny. For materialist, accumulating wealth and becoming rich may be upward stream. While for someone who seeks inner peace and spirituality, upward movement will be to evolve spiritually.

Is any of them closer to truth? Is there any life lived that is closer to truth?

Truth is what I am in this moment and what I can see around and within. Truth is bright smile from inside. Life lived closer to truth and in search of truth must be destiny. And self effort should be to evolve toward truth and that will be upward movement. Any life living in distant of truth is actually downward movement which may be easy and fast.Life lived toward will be upstream and hence will be difficult.

Most of the problems and things we encounter that we struggle and most of the questions of life and world are asked and they are searched outside. The questions of safety and security. No doubt I will be safe from poverty if i have accumulation of wealth. But if my inner self feels safe in my body then it does not need any house or wealth security? I do not mean to renunciation of what you have. Can the answers of this questions be looked inwardly?

The upward stream denotes life is difficult indeed life is always growing and changing. Some may say moving from Delhi to Moradabad is downward stream but for someone it can be upward stream as well if looked from perspective on inner eye. The challenges of facing life alone, of earning one’s livelihood, the importance of being alone has so much potential for self growth that it does not matter whether materially which city it is. For one whose home is inward, it does not matter which city he lives in.


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