scientific awakening

ek doctor ki maut is a 1990 film based on a scientist who is passionate and obsessed about work, research and discovery. He is not just expert in his field of practice but he is actually a research and spend time in exploration and discovery. He has passion for deeper finding, such as cure of Leprosy in those times, when many in this world were suffering from it. He had larger goals that covered not just himself, his family or society but whole mankind. He extended his self for the mankind.

It is very engaging film and with greatness all over it. Every character has their story and conflicts. The story of PhD student in science turned reporter because he believed he is not made to be a scientist. The doctor with private practice with lots of money but empty mind, with no such integrity.The wife working as a helper, caregiver selflessly and her desire and need for companionship takes backseat. A professor who is ready to become subject of dangerous experiment for discovery in science. A director who needs loyalty, recognition, power and is a conformist and for that he can suppress subordinates and misuse his power.

In this struggle, somebody will win while other will lose. In real life, the researcher lost because he (Dr. Subhash Mukhopadhyay) committed suicide, based on whom film is made. While in reel life, researcher won as he gets an offer to leave the country and society which had been ostracizing him.

The film raises many questions and gives many answer. It helps me to cope with reality through its engagement with it, living with it. This art serves the purpose to me to face the reality and swim through it. The reality is harsh and sick. But spirit in humanity and universe is alive through such films and art work.

Deepankar, role of doctor played by Pankaj Kapoor in the film, experiences the menace of leprosy as he encounters it his daily functioning as day job as doctor in hospital. Through these experiences, he understood the stigma attached to such suffering. I think  this inspired and made him passionate to eradicate this dangerous disease. Would he be  passionate with similar enthusiasm about research if he did not have day job which kept his ambition alive? Therefore in order to reflect on something, one needs to have an immersion in experience before.

Can we really start with a thought? Can thought be an experience?

Deepankar’s day job, exchanges with social world, which kept a structure to his daily living and also made him experience about the dysfunctionality in our society. The diseases, the illnesses. And later in evening, for 10 years, in isolation, he dedicated his life to find the cure of this disease through rigorous experiments and testing.

I understand so much of life through art. It sets an example to start learning from life.It gives us playground to understand the reality and life around us.



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